When you need to sell luxury property, quietly.

There are times when you or a client need to move, but you don't want the neighbors to know. You don't want the socialite REALTOR® at your charity gala to know. You don't want the local "go to" REALTOR® who lives down the street to know. 

Your reasons are just that... YOUR reasons. No one else needs to know.

The reasons to sell discreetly can include any of the following:

  1.   Unexpected health news.
  2.  Sudden change in business finances.
  3.  Company or sports team transfer.
  4.  Pending marital separation.
  5.   Sudden abundance or other good news.
  6.   Not wanting to pack and hide art work and possessions for showings.
  7.    Not wanting to professionally clean and vacate the home for showings.

Global Network of High Net Worth Buyers

We have a global network of Luxury High-Net Worth Buyers spanning 150 Countries.

If you've never heard of our clients, then we're doing our job well.

We're the Quiet Agents™.

We're the global network of experienced professionals you turn to for the discreet, private sale of luxury homes and Estates to an out of State cash buyer for full market value. We deploy the Best Marketing Your Neighbors Will Never See.™


Say "NO" to hiring the REALTOR® next door...

Let's face facts. People want to feel important. Having a secret (you want to sell) makes them feel important. But that agent is only important if someone knows they have a secret. 

We don't live in your neighborhood. We don't care about feeling "important". We just want to sell your house for full value without anyone knowing it happened.

Say "NO" to the REALTOR® at your black tie...

You know the REALTOR® you see at the non-profit events that butterflies about and knows everyone's business. You don't want that REALTOR® knowing your business.

Okay, this sounds good so far, but will this really work for you?

Here's how what we do works as well as it does.


We have a database.

We have active, off-market buyers who have identified the type of home, the type of lifestyle, they are wanting to purchase right now.


We reach out.

We discreetly reach out to the buyer agents representing those HNW and UHNW buyers. We engage them a bit more to vet who will truly want your Property prior to ever letting them know the address.


We review.

We review the fit of the buyer to your property and review the financials of the buyer to ensure they are capable of closing on your Property. Then, and only then, do we start match-making your Property to a well-qualified buyer.

Full Price + Full Privacy

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The best marketing your neighbors will never see.™


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